Monday, March 30, 2009

An Additional Dimension With CS4

Adobe Flash acquires one additional dimension with CS4. I mean, 3D operations can be done with Adobe Flash. I know it sounds good for any Flash developer that knows limited environment of Flash before CS4.

Acoording to the flash article, the additional features of Flash are can be listed as below;

  • 3D Rotation and Translation tools that enables rotating an object around x and y axis simultaneously and moving an object on x, y and z axes respectively.
  • Property Inspector tool box enables you to set 3D values of an object. Like changing perspective, skewing, manipulate etc...
  • Motion Tweens with 3D Objects
  • Action Script 3.0 3D Programming
  • And 3D Samples in Flash

Animations will be more exciting with Flash CS4. Please inform me about clever tips and tricks in Flash CS4.

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