Monday, December 1, 2008

Image Processing Articles

I'll write about image processing by writing classes with Visual Studio .Net 2008. As I've seen in Photoshop, there are lots of processing algorithms. Firstly, I'll realize basic algorithms like inverting, boundary edge finding.

If you have any source, I'll be appreciated to add to be formed class. Genius ideas are also welcome.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Adobe is Announcing Adobe Creative Suite 4

"With industry-standard tools, the new Adobe® Creative Suite® 4 is everything you need to help your students better express their ideas in video, on the web, or in print. Adobe CS4’s new creative and online collaboration features will better prepare your students for both future academic success and today’s competitive, fast-moving workforce. Introduce your students to CS4 and watch as everyone finds their own shortcut to brillant."

For detailed information click here

Friday, April 11, 2008

Tune In Adobe TV

Adobe announced Adobe TV that has a large channel options showing creative videos. You must try the youtube like channels. See you again...


Here is an exciting song "I used photoshop today" :)

Friday, February 29, 2008

Even Offline or Online

The information sources and applications of the Internet have a small flaw: you can only use them when you are online. The Adobe will change. Flash desktop applications to be available on-line applications. Microsoft's Silverlight still lags behind.

"There are a lot of flash on the Web, but Flash is not the web," Mitchell said recently Baker, CEO of Mozilla, in an interview. Right, but Flash is already a mighty big number on the Internet: Adobe advertises that the most Flash software on the Web was - before Internet Explorer and the other just not quite ubiquitous programs. Well, that is true: Hardly a video page, which offers its multimedia not allow Flash Player offers, hardly a great website that for presentations, games and various gimmicks entirely on Flash would forgo. Flash is part of the basic equipment of every browser.

Some corporate website comes even entirely programmed in Flash, therefore, what great advantages as disadvantages: First, it allows a professional, dynamic design, but also to prevent, for example, that the contents of many search engines found, indexed and made available.

Because Flash is unlike a browser not indexable content, but also integrates Flash content from libraries in a presentation window. Whether the graphics, writing, video, sound or function is completely irrelevant. The Flash interface provides the browser on a platform. That is the idea really close, Flash from the browser to solve, and also the way to the desktop.

Air: A widget for all

That is what Adobe with the "Air" platform now. The basic idea behind it: Flash respectively Air is designed to enable information and applications on the desktop continues to be used, even if the device on which they are working, not online. Whether this is the desktop of a PC, a laptop or a smartphone, is also irrelevant - Flash is everywhere.

About the common Web applications and small programs are neither new nor original. The charm of Mac OS X as well as Windows Vista is based not least on the possibility of a wide range of widgets (at Microsoft: gadgets) that lets you select which one directly on the desktop, integrating and that their current information from the Net pick. Air will remain available online and, as soon as it is back online, with the application synchronized.

That is a sexy, on the other hand, but also Adobe's first serious attempt to flash his platform on the Internet browser also extend to other areas. In addition to the browser would be independent, temporarily affiliated with the Web programs.

News modular, off-eBay and more

Why could something so good? Ebay sees a potential benefit is a program to auction - and developed as one of the first air-users an offer (see chart).

This is the eBay auction for almost alone program, which also targeted a user guide. Thus, the program on the desktop, for example alarm when certain user-selected things happen: This may involve the monitoring of selected auctions go, or to search for specific products. Technically, it's nothing more than feeding by the user-defined RSS feeds.

Similarly also took advantage of the "New York Times" or the Nasdaq Stock Air applications. The "Times" gives its air-application "ShifD" is not just articles, but treated it as a sort of modular parts: The user can from the Air application to move wherever he wants to re-assemble them - or an offline Reading kit from selected content for the train ride together.

The Nasdaq transferred to the data stream directly into animations to the market to visualize. The German bank builds an online banking application, to their customers easier access to their accounts should grant - and more Overview. For the American kids channel Nickelodeon is the platform, however, a way to the small target like a constantly updated selection of games and other content to be delivered. The imagination knows no limits: it could, for example, a Web TV operators understand the advantage, a desktop-TV offer, which only runs his program.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ebay on the desktop

Adobe has a new form of Web applications, the browser without directly on the desktop run. Among the first companies that this technique with the name Adobe AIR, heard eBay. In addition to the usual features of the Web site of eBay, allows the new desktop client also alerts and RSS feeds.

As long as the PC is online, the contents of the desktop window constantly updated. Apart from the usual "watch lists" can be their own RSS feeds for certain keywords to create. For purchase and sale transactions can be alarms with reminders about the impending end of an auction set up. Even if the window is closed, the program can continue in the background.

Besides eBay, the new technology also has AOL, the Nasdaq stock market, the New York Times, Yahoo and other providers. It is the goal of AIR, company a direct, continuous and multifaceted access to their customers, said Adobe spokesman Adrian Ludwig. The technique is similar to the widgets for the direct representation of Web content on the desktop, but allows a greater variety of functions.

AIR Showcase

Friday, February 22, 2008

High Definition Wallpapers

I want to share a web site that you can find so many wallpapers with high definition and categorized by their subjects.

I think all Adobe lovers like high definition pictures ;)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Firefox + Adobe Media Player = Download + Play

It is possible to download multimedia items which can be dislayed at youtube like web sites. Firstly if you don't have Mozilla Firefox, please get the latest version of Firefox from here. And after the installation of Firefox, you must get an extension to download ".flv" files of watching items. I am using Video DownloadHelper currently. But there are more add-ons to use for that aim. Let's try one of the video that I published before about Multi Touch Screens (22.6MB)

After all installation you can see an icon at right of the navigation toolbar when you are at a video given page icon will be activated so click at that icon and see the downloadable ".flv" items.

Yeah! You get the file. Now you can get Adobe Media Player prerelease version and watch your local videos. Only a drag&drop movement or double click :)

Adobe media player has a great interface and easy to use. You can use for online media player or flv player. Have a nice view!

As a summary of this tutorial get Firefox and Adobe Media Player! :)