Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ebay on the desktop

Adobe has a new form of Web applications, the browser without directly on the desktop run. Among the first companies that this technique with the name Adobe AIR, heard eBay. In addition to the usual features of the Web site of eBay, allows the new desktop client also alerts and RSS feeds.

As long as the PC is online, the contents of the desktop window constantly updated. Apart from the usual "watch lists" can be their own RSS feeds for certain keywords to create. For purchase and sale transactions can be alarms with reminders about the impending end of an auction set up. Even if the window is closed, the program can continue in the background.

Besides eBay, the new technology also has AOL, the Nasdaq stock market, the New York Times, Yahoo and other providers. It is the goal of AIR, company a direct, continuous and multifaceted access to their customers, said Adobe spokesman Adrian Ludwig. The technique is similar to the widgets for the direct representation of Web content on the desktop, but allows a greater variety of functions.

AIR Showcase

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