Friday, January 28, 2011

Battlefield Play4Free PRE-ORDER available

EASY ( and ( bring you the best Battlefield Play4Free experience!

Pre orders for Battlefield Play4Free Official Ranked game servers are available for 9,90 Euro a month in Frankfurt (Germany), Amsterdam, Paris, London, Tokyo and Sydney. The Battlefield Play4Free Official Ranked game servers will be setup on launch day.

Visit our website to order:

Our advantages:

  • Complete debranded servers (own hostname!)
  • Full support of the BFP4FCC tool!
  • Support in English, Dutch and German!
  • Direct access to Punkbuster screenshots!
  • The lowest pricing
  • The best hardware: Dell QuadCore Xeon servers
  • Complete control of the gameserver through the controlpanel (start/stop/restart/reinstall/support)
  • 1000 mbit connections with the internet
  • Flexible support - expansion, need help, we take care of all of it
  • Flexible support - phone, mail, live chat and through tickets
  • You can rent a cheap all-codecs Teamspeak or Ventrilo voiceserver
  • Stability: i3d is one of the larger game providers worldwide with 11,000 game servers online

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