Thursday, January 28, 2010

Steve Jobs Announced Apple Live

Some of iPad's features;
has built-in calendar and address book.
has map application powered by google.
"Awesome" for movies and TV shows =)
much more intimate than a laptop, more capable than smart phone.
weighs 1.5 pounds ~0.68 kilograms
has 9.7 inch display
powered by 1 Ghz Apple chip, 10 hours battery life
run virtually all iphone apps without modified
looks like a giant phone =P
has 16 to 64 GB of flash memory.

Apple Announcement Live: Coverage Of Apple Event (27th January 2010) – This is the day for all gadget lovers, and there will be a lot of news will be written by many sites on the Apple Tablet Announcement. Features, specification, prices and all other details are mostly the highlights. And off course, now people are Googling to find out on willtheApple tablet been announced, what will be announced at the Apple event and more. Apple will reveals new product today (27th January 2010 at 6pm GMT,) on Apple Announcement. Apple boss Steve Jobs will take to the stage to announce his company’s latest new product.

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