Friday, August 24, 2007

August 2007 Adobe Education Campus News in Detail

The content below is about the august news of Adobe Education Campus. I was trimmed some important (maybe useful) parts of the newsletter.

Roadtrip Nation

“The Roadtrip Nation Movement was born out of this question, and the idea that hitting the road to meet with inspirational leaders from all walks of life could help people figure it out.
Started by a group of recent college grads who set out to discover their own roads, Roadtrip Nation has evolved into a National PBS Series, student roadtrip movement on over 350 colleges, three books and a growing online network at - all of which help people discover their own roads in life based on individuality, passion, and exploration.” Learn more about Roadtrip Nation

Visual Design: Foundations of Design and Print Production

Visual Design is a year-long, project-based curriculum that develops ICT, career, and communication skills in print and graphic design using Adobe tools. You can use the Visual Design curriculum in career and technical education courses and in courses involving photography, graphic design, and English/language arts.” Learn more About Visual Design

Digital Design: Foundations of Web Design

Digital Design is a year-long curriculum guide that develops ICT skills in web design and production using Adobe web tools. You can use Digital Design in career and technical education courses as well as general web design classes.” Learn more about Digital Design

Digital Video: Foundations of Video Design and Production

“The Digital Video project-based curriculum develops career and communication skills in video production, using Adobe tools. You can use the Digital Video curriculum in career and technical education courses as well as courses involving video use in academic courses.” Learn more about Digital Video

If you want to see more resources, look over whole newsletter.

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